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Are you stuck in the house? Saturated with news and needing some new reading materials? Here’s a BOGO gift card offer, as advertised in The Post-Star.  Buy Adirondack Gold for $10 and receive its sequel, A Summer of Strangers ($11.95 value) FREE. Please add $3 toward media rate shipping to your door. For PayPal payment details, please email me. Offer good until June 30, 2020.

About the Books
Adirondack Gold, although written for kids, has found many fans among adults who love the Adirondacks and its agrarian history. The story is set in the small town of Thurman in 1895. Hollis Ingram is forced by his widowed mother’s poverty to move to the farm of his paternal grandparents, who are estranged from his mother. He struggles to fit into this life in a small farming community and to establish a relationship with his grandfather. Eventually he stumbles upon a closed-up maple sugar house, which results in reviving a dream of his dead father and melting the heart of his embittered grandfather.
Retailers are exempt from this offer; request wholesale prices.

Adirondack Gold II: A Summer of Strangers takes place in 1898. Hollis, now on the brink of manhood, is torn between the needs of his family and friend, and his desire to pursue his chosen vocation. A mysterious stranger becomes his mentor, supplying support and guidance that his trouble-laden mother and stepfather cannot.
Retailers are exempt from this offer; request wholesale prices.

A Reader’s Review:
I loved them both. I spent all my childhood summer vacations on the other side of Crane Mountain on “Coulter’s Knob” off the Garnet Lake Road. Although this was the 1930’s, our farm must have been very similar to the ones in the books. At age 81, I was taken back to my childhood and loved every minute of the story. Thanks for your excellent writing.
Ray Smith
Long Lake, NY

Shared Stories from Daughters of Alzheimer’s: Writing a Path to Peace. Edited and co-authored by Persis Granger, is an anthology of accounts by women detailing their personal experiences of living with–and coming to terms with–a parent’s descent into Alzheimer’s. The book has been informally dubbed a “support group in print” for family members coping with Alzheimer’s. It allows them to compare and contrast their own experiences with those of the authors, understanding how normal the wide range of emotions is, and to be reassured that they, too, can cope.

Fiction Among Friends Writing Retreats
Twice a day at the Fiction Among Friends St. George Island Women’s  Writing Retreats, writers are invited to gather around our workshop table for discussion and exercises in elements of the writing craft. This is a safe setting in which to test your wings, tell your story and progress toward your potential. Read how below.

What’s up Next?

SGi headerSt. George Island Writers’ Retreat for Women
January 2-10 and January 25-31**
Request the 2021 Registration form.

This retreat offers two fabulous sessions on beautiful St. George Island, Florida. Featuring the instruction, coaching, consulting (and maybe a little guitar-picking) of author/editor/song writer/performer Adrian Fogelin, this event began in 2007 and has been held annually since then. We grew from five women to eight, then eleven…and then it was time to start a second session to accommodate the blossoming interest.

We’ll share a beach view home for the two separate week-long sessions, each interspersing blocks of structured time (workshops, reading for feedback) and unstructured time designed for uninterrupted writing, orivate consultations with Adrian, beach walking, bike-riding, or maybe exploring island shops or the nearby historic town of Apalachicola. Meals are prepared on site and are included with the lodging and instruction. Works of fiction, poetry, and memoir have come to life here, including my second novel and my current work in progress. It’s a time when women give permission to themselves to be selfish with their time and not put the next load of laundry ahead of the next chapter of their work. Friendships have been forged, new publications celebrated and frustrations soothed in this safe place.

** These weeks don’t work for you? Check with my colleague Gina Edwards to ask about an alternate week at her Story Camp, held in the same location.


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