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Twice a day at the St. George Island Writers’ Retreats for Women, writers are invited to gather around our workshop table for discussion and exercises in elements of the writing craft. This is a safe setting in which to test your wings, tell your story and progress toward your potential. Read how below.

About this site…

Here I’ll introduce you to my books and tell about upcoming writing events. Also, as a cheerleader for a non-profit group in the southern Adirondacks of New York, I won’t be able to resist the temptation to tell you about neat events being organized there, so I hope you’ll check in from time to time, and see what’s in the wind. This page is still under construction, so feel free to contact me with questions and comments. What are friends for?

What’s up Next?

SGi headerSt. George Island Writers’ Retreat for Women
January 5-12 and January 22 -February 3, 2020**
Request the 2020 Registration form.

This retreat offers two fabulous sessions on beautiful St. George Island, Florida. Featuring the instruction, coaching, consulting (and maybe a little guitar-picking) of author/editor/song writer Adrian Fogelin, this event began in 2007 and has been held annually since then. We grew from five women to eight, then eleven…and then it was time to start a second session to accommodate the blossoming interest.

We now rent a beach view home for the two separate week-long sessions, each interspersing blocks of structured time (workshops, reading for feedback) and unstructured time designed for uninterrupted writing, beach walking, bike-riding, or maybe exploring island shops or the nearby historic town of Apalachicola. Meals are prepared on site and are included with the lodging and instruction. Works of fiction, poetry, and memoir have come to life here, including my second novel and my current work in progress. It’s a time when women give permission to themselves to be selfish with their time and not put the next load of laundry ahead of the next chapter of their work. Friendships have been forged, new publications celebrated and frustrations soothed in this safe place.

** These weeks don’t work for you? Check with my colleague Gina Edwards to ask about an alternate week.


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